Medium: Handwoven tapestry
Materials: Cotton warp and wool weft
Size: 84x120cm
Year: 2021

The impact on local communities and separated families has been enormous. Isolation from loved ones has made us yearn for what went before. But the pandemic has also given us the gift of time, an escape from the usual busy-ness of life that offers moments for reflection and introspection. Repetition of pattern, texture, colour and form in my two dimensional woven works are motivated by memory and longing. Time spent observing and interpreting local surroundings, with a focus on the garden, the inspiration for my most recent narrative works.

In this handwoven tapestry we observe young people unable to embrace due to restrictions, middle aged people kissing but with the cloth between their touch. The central figures inspired by Rene Magritte’s Kiss the frustration of the draped towel over the lovers is extreme. Surrounding the figures is the aroma and freshness of new growth in the image of the Honeysuckle.