A handwoven tapestry can be commissioned to express the client’s themes and ideas, either for your own home or as part of an interior design project. This is a collaborative process between client, architect, and interior designer or home owner.

The process can starts with a site specific meeting where the installation will take place. Or  I can work from good quality photographs. I never repeat a design, however, elements, ideas and colour schemes from my current or existing tapestries can often be a starting point.

The cost of commissioning a tapestry is based on the size required, the complexity of the design and the costs involved in purchasing the yarns.

When I have a good understanding of the client’s vision I begin to work on the design. This starts off with a drawing, and colour study in small scale. Which is then enlarged to the size required. The cartoon is placed behind the warp as a guide for weaving.

When the client is happy with the design I will prepare a contract. This will include an estimated time frame. Once the client has signed the contact I require 1/3 payment before work begins, 1/3 half way through the project, when photographs and images are submitted and the final 1/3 payment on delivery.

The yarns I use in my tapestries are all natural fibres. Cotton, wool and silk. I finish the back leaving the threads exposed. A baton is attached to the top of the weaving using the Velcro method, Instructions on hanging and aftercare of the work will be provided.

It is exciting to watch a tapestry grow and I would encourage the client to visit the studio during the making process, if possible. I will communicate with the client on a regular basis throughout the making.

Tapestry weaving is a long slow process, during this time I invest my love and care for the work. It will last for over 500 years, and is an investment.

Previously Commissioned Work

Roscommon Community

Location: Roscommon County Council

Medium: Woven tapestry. Size: 1m by 2 m.

Materials: Cotton warp and wool weft.

Commissioned in 2018.

Autumn Helicopters In Water

Location: OPW, Convent Road Roscommon

Medium: Woven tapestry, Size: 1m by 2m.

Materials: Cotton warp and wool weft.

Commissioned in 2005