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My art practice seeks to name and reframe important social and cultural issues of our times which have resulted in much suffering and the displacement of the poorest peoples, particularly, women and children. Those are my deepest concerns impacting on all our futures.

My chosen medium is tapestry, drawing in thread. As all our lives hang on a thread, my practice embodies age-old gestures of loom and shuttle, warp and weft. For me, weaving is both ancient gesture and thought paradigm.

In my day-to-day art practice, weaving provides me with a visual language, a methodology and a conceptual framework to investigate and attempt to map and make some sense of the grave challenges of our times.

Featured Video

This video traces the process of weaving the tapestry titled: Torn Apart. It was created over one year in 2019. This tapestry explores the human experience of intersectionality, inequality and social injustice, through family separation.

See more videos: https://www.youtube.com/FrancesCroweArtist

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