Story Cloths: Gestures, Journeys and Genealogies

My forthcoming Exhibition at the Custom House gallery, Westport in June 2024 explores themes of
memory, displacement and trauma. My chosen medium is tapestry weaving, drawing in thread. My day-
to-day art practice involves age old gestures of loom and shuttle, warp and weft, creating images that
bear witness to the human journey at both personal and inter-personal levels. The images in the Story
Cloths Exhibition reference the losses and traumas we encounter in our life journeys and the human
suffering so present to-day resulting from geopolitical power struggles and the cultural and economic
upheavals impacting on the poorest peoples, particularly women and children. Tapestry weaving
provides me with a rich visual language and a conceptual framework to express my deepest concerns as
an artist as I attempt to weave a web of insight and hope in our dark times.